Monday, July 18, 2011


when i was about 12 i think i remember writing a sentence or it may have been a parapagraphy without punctuation and my teacher told me it was the longest sentence he had ever come across well i was quite impressed with myself really quite so i like that word above that i wrote parapagraphy that´s what this is it´s a parpagrahy there you go ive changed the ehading and invented a word welol just felt like writing something really listening to jean cocteau can´t be bothered providing a link why do people link to vertything all the time yunno isnt it veritable mmm that´s tinteresting i used the word veritable without knowing what it means bt it must have been hidden away somewhere in the mind in the backblocks obscured by the fuzz mmm i like that obsured by the fuzz might amkae aq good paiting do u like spelling mistakes i means dont u know the writer better bny the mistakes they make or dont make and shudnt they really be left it gives you the reader an idea of my typing ablity and allows me to get on with thebusiness f freewriting stremaing consiousness laden with errors but of course i using a portuguese jkeyboard which makes it a bit tough and mmmm i cant stop my fingers from occasonally jumoing tot hebackspace key to knowck off a letter i know ive typed incorrectly there i did it again mmm subcocnsiouness is fascinating isnt it i really ahould send u a link to theis jean cocteau recording it´s thorouhgtly fascinating ok iw ill so here it is mmlost train of thought no matter parapagraphing it´s und isn´t it , well it is for me i dont have to gotg back and fx all the errors for all the people who want the world to bejust so, yunno perfect where people dont mak e mistakes where weverything is just so and we judege everyone by the mistakes they dont make beccause thats how we can ake the world perfect when really it would be more interesting f the imperfectons of tlife were their in palne balck and white for all to se thus the digestion and understandingof which would be more palatabkel and even perhaos peple would be more free to say do be whatever they wat to be rather than what everyone e3lse expect them to be o0h i9m writing lookign at the swcrenn nw and akeing a kot orre mistales wehich i qute like as they wrods loik far more interesting to em and well its just more interesting to me, poerhaos not to to t0p you the reader nit it is to me i means hud i 3ve n care abotu ther eader no i shuldt as ths ltitle dity butyu is for me nt you it├žs a record of thoughts a referenfe foi udeas da do do la jean cocteau has gfinished now so have i

Saturday, April 23, 2011

New Static

I looked at Static from yesterday
and didn't like it - so it's dead.

This is the new static
I dunno how long it will last

I like it today
but that could change tomorrow.


A Poem

I thought I'd write a poem.

Friday, April 22, 2011


Painted static on white
dunno why
no particular space or reason

watched a doco
about nothing
lost in space and reason

stuff like static
nothing and everything

like static on the box
light that's taken
2.5 million years to arrive

on the screen
starlight, fractured
and abated

from a vacuum
like us,
made of static

matter and anti-matter
zip, nada

Supposed - we are static.
In the abyss
of nothing.


Saturday, April 9, 2011

A - G L I M P S E

In a moment,
it will come.

With you forever;
a prescient light.

Touches unspoken,
bevelled in trust.

An elusive delight,
taken by a moment.

Curiously still,
shrouded in space.

Unwinding the tethers,
of mind.

Listening to the wind,
of heart.

It's possible to find it,
and remember forever.

A - G L I M P S E

Self Portrait