Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ferreira Gullar - Artist, Poet, Writer, and Playwright

I had the pleasure of viewing the Ferriera Gullar exhibit at the National Museum of Art in Rio de Janeiro today.

Although the exhibit was small it was immensely appealing. I had only heard of this gentlemen in passing so it was certainly very enlightening to see the quality and scope of his work. I now appreciate why he is held in such high esteem here in Brazil.

What stood out for me were his collages. A beautiful mix of harmonious colour and composition which I'm sure mimicked the poetry and writing for which he is known. I was a little disappointed that the poetry wasn't translated into English. Although poetry doesn't translate particularly well it would have at least given me more insight into the man behind the words and art.

Gullar is known best for a poem called "Dirty Poem" or ('Poema Sujo') which I've been trying to locate on the net, without any luck. There's some information on Wikipedia but not much.

If anyone has a copy I'd appreciate it if they could please contact me. Many thanks. I hope you enjoy the photos.

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