Sunday, March 13, 2011

'Milky' not 'Smokey'

From nectarines, to apples, to peaches. Nevermind.

I've changed the background colours, and painted over the fruit again, with a light velatura. Well, it's what I think a velatura is. A light mix of medium (oil) and paint.

I'll go back in and work on the colours and form again, and redo everything. Lotta fun, and I'm learning as I progress.

I think the painting is developing more depth, which I like. I ike the smokiness coming from the velatura, although it could be a scrumble. A similar technique, but with less medium; applied with a dry brush. The velatura is applied with a wet brush, and more medium (oil). At least this is as I understand it. I'll go back and review these techniques as I think velatura is supposed to be 'milky' not 'smokey'.

Sei la.

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