Friday, March 18, 2011

Street ART - Rio de Janeiro

There's some wonderful street art in Rio de Janeiro. It's around every corner, hiding behind doors, down lanes, on steps, in is literally everywhere. For me it's the perfect environment to find inspiration.

Brazilian art is alive and well as would be expected from a country and a city that survives by being creative. This ingenuity is often driven through a desperation to make a statement about life, or more often than not through a belief in God. An almost universal belief that provides the inspiration and courage for anyone and everyone to succeed. Street art contributes to the heartbeat of the city and it's people. Just like football. Every child believes they can become Ronaldinho or Kaka, and so every child artist believes they they can become Banksy. Street art thrives through belief. A belief in art, and the power of art to deliver a message of hope and conscience. In part it is evidence of a city that exudes confidence.


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