Thursday, March 31, 2011

I Can't Paint Day

I'm having an 'I can't paint day'. I've started a piece for St Georges Day which is on April 23rd, and it was going along well the first day (yesterday), but I managed to stuff it up today. So, I started something else. A 6 by 6 sill life. Bloody still life's. Well, it was a complete shamoosshhh! So, I quashed it. Went for a walk around the block. Did some real work, and now I'm back at it. I've started another self portrait - I think I'll refer to them as 'self discovery tours' as they seem to lead in all different directions that are quite unexpected. I also started another still life of an onion and a garlic. Surely I can paint an onion and a garlic. Frustrated! So, I decided to find out what I should be painting. What's my personality type? I went online and did this personality test which told me I was an ENTP. Here's the definition and where you can find out what you are. So then I tried to find out how this ENTP personality type might adapt to painting. Should I be painting abstracts, figurative, portraits, still life, expressionist, impressionist - well of course I couldn't find out. Why hasn't someone made a list of all the artists personality types, so we can discover which genre might suit our personality? Indeed shouldn't it be the first thing educators do at school? When you're five years old, you get tested, and streamed into different classes. Why didn't anyone ever offer an Art class to me at school? Why did I get pushed into accounting? I hated accounting. Educators need to get a grip on what the student wants, not what they want. Let the student decide when and how they're educated. Find out their personality type, and learner type very early on in their education and focus. Instead we waist all this time 'finding out who we really are' because the educators didn't do the job right in the first place. End of rant. So, I found out that Rachel Ray is an ENTP too. Mmmm no help there. Well, she's a cook and so am I, and she's creative, and sociable so yes there are similarities. Anyway, I'll keep painting and see what happens. At least 'artist' is one of the careers first suggested for an ENTP type. It means we can start lots of things and not finish them. We can dream. We can imagine things that don't exist and create them. We can have 5, 10, 50 paintings on the go at one time. That's salubrious!

I hope you're getting there in whatever you're doing.

Me: If not, like Churchill said 'never, never, never give up' right?

ENTP: Well, give up if you hate it and try something new. That's my ENTP advice.

Me: Be quiet ENTP. That's not good advice. Remember, never start what you can't finish. You're always changing your mind! You drive me nuts!

ENTP: Yep, it's coz I'm ENTP. A visionary! Get over it!

Me: You're right. Here's my onion.

ETNP: Aren't you going to finish it (laugh)?

Me: Later (cringe).


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