Thursday, March 10, 2011


24cm x 19cm oil on canvas

It's the second sketch so I started adding some colour. I'll try and get more detail and colour definition in the next stage, and I'll start loading the paint on the brush to add texture. I also like to see the brush strokes. Hopefully it'll come out ok.

I bought a book today entitled 'A Giacometti Portrait' by James Lord. You can read about it here. It's the story of Lord who sat for his portrait by Giocometti. The book tells of Giacometti constantly questioning himself - his ability and lack of progress. It's fascinating - just to listen to one of the great artists going through exactly the same frustrations as a beginner does. I guess this process never ends. Constant self examination, and lamenting at ones ability to create what one imagines on canvas. But Giacometti's resolve is unbearing. He repaints the sitters facial detail over and over again, constantly searching for the right form. At one point he says 'it's true, everything is a square, a cone or a cylinder - I've got to start over again'. He doesn't paint the rest of the portrait and just keeps sketching the head, adding tonal detail, and changing the form. It really is the tonic for anyone searching for inspiration to fight the demons that never abate.

Back at it.

Below is a Giacometti Sculpture.

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