Saturday, March 19, 2011

Who nose ? (2)

My second effort for the 'who nose' series.

I've included my colour palette here. In the previous 'who nose' I used black and white, and as you can see in this painting I've used ultramarine blue, crimson red, and titanium white.

There was a point whilst painting this that I wasn't really thinking about the nose but the composition of colours, balance, and such like. As if it were a landscape. I guess it is.

It was challenging getting my brush strokes right. As you can see I inadvertently mixed colours on the canvas, which is a big no, no. Sei la. I did manage to get a good range of colours from a limited palette. By the way, I didn't mix any oils with the paint for this work. They can be cumbersome to deal with, and I think I was using them too much. So, I'm going to try not using mediums unless necessary in future. However, I did use thinner for the sketch.

So, nose number 2. Yes, like the last nose it's a famous nose. A very famous nose. An iconic nose. Next 'who nose' blowing your way soon.

See ya.

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