Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Oh Papaya

'Oh Papaya' is a kind of play on words.
In Portuguese it reminds me of,
'oh papai', or 'oh mamae'.

Children exclaiming in the street 'oh papai/mamae, eu quero, eu quero' when he/she wants a lolly or something.

So it sprang to mind -'oh papaya'.
I bought some Papaya's on the way home tonight.

They're cheap in Brazil.
About 50 cents each.

They taste good, look good, smell good, but don't step in it.
Cheech and Chong - rambling.

I looked up the etymology of Papaya,
and it's Spanish in origin and used to mean 'fruit' in the 1590's,
followed by 'tree' in the 1610's.

But it doesn't say anything else.

It's got a nice rhythym.
The word - it has a nice ring to it.

It might be a good name for a dog or something else congenial.
What else is congenial?

Not much.
An imaginary lover perhaps.

Real ones aren't congenial are they?
Long term they aren't.

Oh, I know - those rubber lovers that lonely psychotic virgins buy to play with at home.

Stop right there!

Here's 'oh papaya'.


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